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APL England | ANL Proceeds with Commitment to Remove Debris Washing Ashore

ANL, operator of container vessel APL England which lost containers in heavy seas off the New South Wales coast on 24 May 2020, confirms that the vessel is berthed safely at the Port of Brisbane. We are working with the authorities in their investigations and will take their findings very seriously.

  At this point, it has been identified that 50 containers fell from the vessel during the storm on 24 May.  The contents of these containers include a range of consumer goods, some of which have washed up on the New South Wales coast. 

  ANL is committed to maintaining high environmental standards throughout its operations and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. ANL continues to work closely with the relevant authorities to retrieve cargo which fell overboard where feasible.  As previously announced, Varley Group as well as Avcon Projects, both of whom have expertise in environmental clean-ups, are removing debris and containers that reach the coast. Additionally, where feasible, floating containers will be towed back to land where they will be removed in as timely a manner as possible. This work commenced on 27th May and will continue whilst debris continues to come ashore on the coast.