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APL England | Clean-up Operations in NSW

• Clean-up completed on Birdie Beach
• Removal operations continue over Bateau Bay rocks
• Clean-up operations will continue whilst debris come ashore on the coast

APL England, a Singapore-flagged vessel, lost 50 containers in heavy seas off the New South Wales coast whilst facing adverse weather conditions on 24 May 2020. ANL immediately appointed the Varley Group as well as Avcon Projects, both of whom have expertise in environmental clean-ups, to remove debris and containers that reach the coast. The clean-up efforts to date have been conducted in full cooperation with NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and local councils and we thank them for their swift and efficient response to the incident.

Birdie Beach is cleaned up

Birdie Beach is one of the beaches in New South Wales that has been cleaned up after containers washed up ashore. Due to ANL’s clean-up operations all containers or container parts have now been removed from Birdie Beach and we are receiving reports of minimal debris on other impacted beaches as of 2nd June.

“We are working closely with all relevant authorities and are taking this task head on. It is great to know that we have this beach now clear of containers, but we will not rest until the broader clean-up is done.” says ANL CEO, Xavier Eiglier.

Bateau Bay Rocks

Operations continue to remove the five containers that washed on to rocks at Bateau Bay. “We are focusing on minimizing the disruption to the community and to the environment. We have engaged the very best people to help us ensure the job is not only done, but is done well, and we are totally committed to this task.” says Xavier Eiglier.

Clean-up operations will continue until the job is done

20 separate debris recovery teams have been deployed by ANL to inspect and clean impacted beaches along the New south Wales coast. Since the incident occurred, 45 beaches have been inspected and cleaned along with continued monitoring. Work is now underway to ensure not only that Birdie Beach is remediated, but that the clean-up continues as quickly as possible along affected coastal areas.

“It is incredibly important to us, as a long-established shipping company that has been successfully servicing Australia for many years, that we do our best to clean up the debris from these containers that unfortunately fell into the ocean. We have initiated action as quickly as possible to ensure the swift collection of the debris” says ANL CEO, Xavier Eiglier.

Reports of debris should be notified as soon as possible to incident@transport.nsw.gov.au or by phone to 13 12 36.