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APL ENGLAND | Crew and Stakeholder update

• Total cooperation and transparent work with the authorities continue.
• Maritime Industry bands together in this event.
• Crew is safe and receiving support.

APL England, a Singapore-flagged vessel, that lost 50 containers whilst facing adverse weather conditions off the New South Wales coast on 24 May 2020, is now safely berthed at the Port of Brisbane where the crew remain with the vessel. To address the problem of debris on shore, ANL immediately took all necessary steps to speed up clean-up of any containers and debris that reached the NSW coastline.

Cooperation and work with the authorities

ANL is fully cooperating with the Authorities in full transparency in their investigations. “It is essential for ANL to work closely with the Authorities” said ANL CEO Xavier Eiglier.

Maritime Industry Teams at Brisbane, managing the situation together

Work is currently underway to ensure safe discharge of the 79 damaged containers still on board the ship. “We are working as efficiently as possible to safely discharge the damaged containers with the Qube Ports team at the AAT Terminal in Brisbane. The task is not easy and we are impressed by the expertise of the Qube, Fire Services as well as Port of Brisbane personnel working with us. We thank them for their excellent efforts over the last week” said ANL CEO Xavier Eiglier.

Crew is safe and receiving support

“Our crew is also very important to us” said ANL CEO Xavier Eiglier. “We are grateful for their maritime experience that enabled the vessel to reach Brisbane safely. “We are relieved firstly that the whole crew is safe. We are also making sure that they receive all the support and assistance needed”.

“Furthermore, I echo the sentiments of Roy Cummins, CEO of Port of Brisbane. Well done to his team at the Port of Brisbane, Maritime Safety Queensland, Svitzer and the pilotage team for pulling together so quickly in response to the incident, this is a great example of how our industry works together to manage the situation”.

“We are also vigilant to ensure that our customers affected by this event are regularly updated on the progress of cargo handling. In order to manage at best the inconvenience caused to our customers, ANL is arranging for alternate vessels to complete the delivery of the containers currently on-board APL England as soon as will be possible.”