Have a positive impact on the environment with CLEANER ENERGY LNG.
LNG enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions per container and a significant reduction in air pollutant emissions.


  • Reduce air pollutants

    Hand-eco When choosing CLEANER ENERGY LNG, you will reduce 99% of your sulphur emissions (SOx), 92% of Nitrogen oxide emissions (Nox) and 91% of suspended particles (PM10).

  • Meet your carbon reduction targets

    Document Holder Cut your CO2 emissions by 25% well-to-wake (on the whole fuel production and utilization cycle) and up to 36% tank-to-wake (when considering only the vessel voyage).

  • Receive an official declaration

    Document_check Certify that these savings have been associated with your specific shipments thanks to an official declaration. This framework is compliant with ISO 14020, 14021 and 14067 and is verified by an independent third-party.

How does it work?

LNG is a natural gas that has undergone a liquefaction process, cooling it down to -161°C. Stored in a tank in its liquid state, the gas is transformed into a gaseous state to fuel the engines. The CMA CGM Group uses fossil-based LNG and biomethane guarantee of origin. Biomethane is derived from renewable resources such as agricultural vegetable waste.

  • Use our eBusiness platform, and select CLEANER ENERGY LNG during your booking request.
  • Simply ask for CLEANER ENERGY LNG Go when discussing your bookings with an ANL representative.
  • Available on all major ANL trades due to the mass balancing concept employed by all CMA CGM Group carriers. This concept is a way of diversifying our energy mix while keeping track of quantities and allocating them to specific traffic.

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