Using Climactive Controlled Atmosphere, this will enable control over CO2 and humidity levels, ventilation and temperatures affecting your cargo.

  • Optimize Product Integrity

    Commodity Preserve the quality and freshness of your cargo by controlling the maturation process.

  • Opportunity To Extend Your Business

    Company-Dollard While preserving the quality of your cargo, this provides an opportunity to access further, larger markets with extended shelf life.

  • No Invasive Treatments

    Ecocalc With no chemical treatments, the integrity of your cargo and organic certification is maintained. Temperature, humidity and ventilation are managed by nitrogen pumps to strike the right balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

  • Adapted To Specific Needs

    Container-3D The best-suited solution to transport high-value produce (asparagus, blueberries, etc.), goods sensitive to transit time (snow peas, melons, etc.) or organic products (grapes, bananas, avocado)

How does it work?

Two solutions available:
  • A system that separates the ambient atmosphere enables optimal gas levels in the container to be reached much faster. The temperature, humidity and balance between O2 and CO2 are customized and continuously regulated.
  • A system is created that relies on the natural respiration of the product to consume O2 and produce CO2 inside the refrigerated container.