With Serenity Cargo Value Guarantee, we can assure you total peace of mind in the case of unexpected events. Irrespective of the circumstance, you will be compensated up to the full secured value.

  • Door-To-Door Guarantee

    door-to-door A comprehensive shipping solution that manages your supply chain in a simplified and cost-effective manner, including merchant haulage.

  • No More Intermediaries

    Talks ANL is your single point of contact.

  • Forget The Endless Legal Disputes

    Document-dollar Irrespective of liability and circumstance, ANL Container Line will compensate you up to the full secured value.

  • A Comprehensive Guarantee

    Service-serenity In-depth protection including refrigerated cargo in the event of temperature variations as well as force majeure, fire, breakage, theft and more.

*According to SERENITY cargo value guarantee terms and conditions available on the website.
*Please check product availability in your region by contacting your local representative.